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Best foods to eat for skin and nails?

I just recently ended a very long very unhealthy relationship with acrylic nails (damn them!) and needless to say, my real nails have suffered great damage. What foods, fruits, veggies etc, are good for restoring nail health, promoting nail/hair growth, and making nails/hair stronger?

Best foods to eat for skin and nails?
ok.. you can take supplement that is specially formulated for that purpose.. (walmart, or any drugstore).. but a good fix is taking Knotts gelatine (the one without flavor) everyday: just dissolve 1 packet of Knott's gelatine in water or juice and in 2 weeks you will notice the difference.
Reply:its called knox DOH Report It

Reply:isnt there a nail polish to buy that will make ur nail stronger again
Reply:Calcium (milk, cheese, etc), spinach, berries, and foods with Omega 3 fatty acids, like salmon.
Reply:Bananas, fish, and nuts. omega 3 is the best for hair and nails to give strength and natural shine.
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Reply:Carrots, broccoli, chicken, seafood, asparagus, brussel sprouts, zuchinii, rice, mangos, canteloupe, apples, oranges, grapes, kiwi fruit, watermelon, honeydew, pineapples, grapefruits

is good for everything.
Reply:bananas are really good cuz they help u not bruise
Reply:jello i heard

Can a bone "chip" work its way out through your skin?

All summer I had a "growth" under my toe nail. A Dr. yanked may toe nail out and sent the growth for analisis; it came back as bone.Now I have something on the side of another toe (other foot) that has actually razor cut into the adjacent toe. I did Martial Arts for many years and prob. have chip plenty of bone in my feet. Can this be what's happening? Dr. just shrugged and said "not likely"

Can a bone "chip" work its way out through your skin?
First of all I would see another Dr. I am presently going thru dealing with bone chip's in my mouth from having a large number of teeth extracted.This seem's to be a common problem among people that have had that done. I can't see how other part's of the body wouldn't react to small fractures in the same way. Good luck in getting this corrected soon.
Reply:My husband had a motorcycle wreck when he was a teenager and the small rocks that were, I guess, in bedded in his leg worked their way out thru the skin. He would get the is nasty knot that would turn into a sore and the rock would come out. This was 10yrs or better after the accident.

So I say anything is possible
Reply:Of course it can, my late husband had open heart surgery,they sawed his chest open right down the middle., in the 70's then later in years, pieces of bones would work it's way through the skin I saw it and it was little chips of bones.

Can anyone give me some skin care tips for males?

hello. im Nyl. well i just wanna ask some tips on how to care for my face specifically on how to deal with pimples. what are the effective ways of preventing pimple growth (ways i can do at home) as far as dermatology is concerned. and is it ok to put some anti-inflammatory creams on inflamed pimples? how do artists make their face flawless?

Can anyone give me some skin care tips for males?
first start with washing your face more often, pimples are created from the oils in your skin. washing atleast twice a day will greatly reduce the outbreaks. Another way is to use an astringent on your face, you can use pure rubbing alcohol but not all skin types can handle it, if you need a gentler one try using 1 part witch hazel and 3 part water to make your own which is alot cheaper than buying clean and clear from the drug store but still the same effect.

An easy way to cover up and outbreak is to use eye drops on your pimple. Use the drops that are meant to reduce redness, I am not sure why this works but I read it in a magazine and have been doing it since. It only lasts for a few hours so you will have to do it atleast 3 times a day, but it makes them not noticable long enough to go on a date or whatever.

And I do not know of anyone using anti-inflammatory cream on pimples, so I cannot help you there!
Reply:DON'T use anti-inflammatory. they won't work. Pimples are caused by excess oil from your face. Use a toner specifically made for men and always keep your face clean. Dont't try to pop the pimple either.

Artists use concealers to hide the pimples. You can buy them from most cosmetic stores. (Choose the right color for your skin tone)
Reply:Men have the alternative to grow a beard. So, if I were you, I'll go for the rugged look that allows facial hair to cover the blemishes, if any. Apart from cleansing, toning and moisturising I won't have anything else to do then.
Reply:Egg masks. Honestly. Clears it up in days. At least, for me. I'm not sure how it works for guys. Anyways, Grab an egg out of your fridge, crack it, beat it, and smear it on for 15-30 minutes. Keep doing this and in days your face lcears up considerably.
Reply:first of all, most artists make their flawless faces with tons of makeup and in pictures they use photoshop and all that stuff

the best way to keep your face pimple free is to wash your face about 3 times a day and put some toner or moisturizer on afterwards. keep your hands from touching your face because all that bacteria on your hands gets into your pores and makes it dirty
Reply:artists don't do it at home...u won't believe the amount they pay fo their faces...anyway, try washing ur faces every 45mins(really works), avoid seafood, creams help but sometimes they make things worse... if u really wanna get rid of this problem see a dermatologist..or a luck...
Reply:There are alot of products on the market that artists use. Stuff that costs alot. Also they have their pic's airbrushed so their skin looks flawless.

When i was a teen-ager I had a bad complexion. I found that frequent face-washing(3 times a day) combined with an astrigent like Clearasil or in my day Stridex helped. Also...DON'T PICK. Until it becomes absolutely necessary, then cleanse well with rubbing alcohol. Remember: This too shall pass.


GNC Women's Hair, Skin and Nails?

When did you start to see results? Is it a staple product of yours? How much growth do you notice since using it? I couldnt find any product reviews on it on GNC.COM... Any AA women or afro-carribean women use this?

GNC Women's Hair, Skin and Nails?
sorry darling i have heard about it , used to life in barbados but i never used it bye ingsaludosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss...

How to make our skin glow naturally?

why is it that my nails are slow at growth?

is there any food that will make them more healthy?

natural remedies please.

thank you.

How to make our skin glow naturally?
It's all about keratin. Nails are growing slower if they are weak, so I would recommend to soak them in this mix.

Put fresh squeezed lemon juice and olive oil in hot water. Hold them in for 5 minutes. Do this daily if you can. Massage your fingers. It will boost your circulation. If that area is hotter than usual (from soaking), it will produce more keratin cells, which will make your nails grow faster.
Reply:Maybe you should talk to the Dr. cuz we wont really know.. but yeah eat healthy!! good luck.
Reply:for the skin glow use a mix of oats, almonds and honey and apply it ur face regulalry

for the nails u can massage them twice a week with olive oil

and yes eat healthy... lots of fruits and loads of water
Reply:Drink lots of water.
Reply:Knox Gelatin-drink a glass everyday to strengthen the nails, also produce more collagen, giving your skin a beautiful glow.

Horsetail Tablets- natural silica you can purchase at the health food store. Great for skin, hair and nails

I have noticed excess skin near/around my urethra. help!!!?

is it a growth??? this sounds totally disgusting i know!

I have noticed excess skin near/around my urethra. help!!!?
normal i have it..
Reply:No that is the hood that covers your clitoris.
Reply:it is the hood covering your clit..try fingering it and i bet you will find that you orgasm as you fondle that area...good luck have you tried masterbation yet.. uhmmmm how old are you

Does gnc's hair, skin, and nails really work?

my friend told me this stuff is really good for faster hair growth, is there anyone here who has tried it??

Does gnc's hair, skin, and nails really work?
try it.

there`s nothin to lose.